Trumark Slingshot Replacement Powerband - Heavy - Recreational Shooting High quality, replacement heavy pull powerband for heavier hunting shot Made of surgical “continuously dipped” latex tubing with a protective black jacket Matched and balanced for accurate shooting

Easy to install – no tools, string, or glue needed Heavy pull rated – 5/64″ wall thickness The first company to utilize high quality, surgical “continuously dipped” latex-tubing for its slingshot powerbands, Trumark continues to provide top quality bands with its Heavy Pull Replacement Powerband.

Designed to fire heavier 3/8″ shot for hunting, this band is made of stronger “continuously dipped’ latex tubing covered with a protective carbon black jacket to protect it from exposure. Like all Trumark slingshot bands, the heavy pull Powerband comes cut from one length of tubing and packaged straight so they are matched and balanced for accurate shooting.

Trumark bands can be installed any tubular band slingshot using round prongs using just a small amount of rubbing alcohol. 5/64” wall thickness for normal pull. Rated for 225+ yards.

NOTE: These bands are not recomended for slingshot shooters younger than 12 years old.

Manufacturer model: RR-2.

Trumark Slingshot Replacement Powerband – Heavy – Recreational Shooting