Tru-Fire 3D Hunter Bow Release - Right- or Left-Hand - Archery A machined release with an independently rotating head! Solid CNC machined handle, independently rotating head, and a set screw in the handle that locks the head down in any position.

Steel heat-treated jaws with Teflon coating. Jaws open when you pull the trigger and close when you let up. No-cocking mechanism on the back like a standard hammer throw release, making it extremely quiet. Totally adjustable thumb bar and trigger travel. Right or left hand.

Tru-Fire 3D Hunter Bow Release - Right- or Left-Hand - Archery

  • Tru-Fire
    The Tru-Fire Chicken Wing Release is a revolutionary concept fused with improved features. Features an ultra-small hook head design with a Tru-forward trigger, Tru-centered Technology, and sound dampening technology. It doesnt stop there, the Chicken Wing Release the new interchangeable trigger allows either a standard single finger trigger or Tru-Fires new dual finger trigger. The dual finger trigger gives the shooter more control and reduces the tendency to "punch" the trigger instead of squeezing it.
    $119.99  from Gander Mountain
  • Tru-Fire
    Complete with a new interchangeable trigger, Tru-Fires Chicken Wing Release with Max Strap boasts a traditional design with improved features. Interchangeable trigger allows either a standard single-finger trigger or a dual-finger trigger to ensure confident, consistent shooting. Innovative dual-finger trigger enhances control and reduces the tendency to punch, rather than squeeze, the trigger. Ultrasmall hood head design features Tru-Centering self-centering technology for enhanced ease of use. Sound-dampening coating reduces noises. Max strap provides ample padding with Fold Back Technology.Made in USA Color: Black. Type: Wrist-Strap Releases.
    $129.99  from Cabela's
  • Tru-Fire
    After countless hours in front of the target and in the field, the Realtree pro staff named this release as their choice for those who are serious about their hunting. The free-floating, stainless steel roller inside the jaws of this new caliper-style release gives smooth, consistent action needed for shooting incredibly tight groups. The Saddle-Cloth power strap wraps around your wrist comfortably and won't bind or pinch at full draw. Over one-inch of length adjustment between the strap and the trigger accommodates any hand size without the use of tools. Its extremely versatile design fits both right and left-handed archers. Color: Camo. Type: Wrist-Strap Releases.
    $64.99  from Cabela's