I really don’t understand vegetarians. They are missing out on so much this life has to offer.

I can’t imagine eating only vegetables my whole life. Sure, I like a good salad every now and then. But even then, salad is much better with meat!

    With this new collection of nearly 200 recipes, America's Test Kitchen has slashed the fat and calories (fat by half and calories by a third) of all of your feel-good favorites, thanks to exhaustive testing and fat trimming techniques that work-and we don't mean just cutting portion sizes in half. We even looked at over-the-top restaurant and fast-food dishes like crab Rangoon, meaty lasagna, and cinnamon rolls and revamped those so they no longer have to be once-in-a-while treats.
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    Are you looking to understand the importance of healthy dog food? Ready to feed your dog healthy, delicious and homemade dog food that is easy to prepare? Then you will want to read on to get all the details. Believe it or not your dog requires the pr
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