HEVI Shot HEVI - 13 Magnum Blend 20 - ga. 3, 1 1/4 ozs. 5/6/7 Turkey Load Shotshells, 5 rds.
HEVI Shot HEVI - 13 Magnum Blend 20 - ga. 3, 1 1/4 ozs. 5/6/7 Turkey Load Shotshells, 5 rds.

5 rds. of HEVI Shot HEVI - 13 Magnum Blend Turkey Load Shotshells. Pack more lethal pellets in your pattern. Click image to enlarge. .and put your birds in the dust. 294 buffered, moly-coated high-density pellets in a 10 halo stack the odds in your favor with every shot. Delivers 20% more knockdown power than lead. And at extreme range, HEVI-13 Magnum Blend gives you killing power long after lead gives up. Made in the USA. Blend of 5, 6 and 7 Shot in one shell. Take your pick and order ONLINE today. HEVI SHOT HEVI-13 MAGNUM BLEND TURKEY LOAD SHOTSHELLS Stock No. Gauge Shell Length Shot Weight Muzzle Velocity(F.P.S.) 213794 123 1/2 2 1/4 ozs. 1,200 213798 12 3 2 ozs. 1,200 213800 20 3 1 1/4 ozs. 1,200 WARNING: You must be 18 or older to purchase Ammunition. We do not accept returns of Amymunition for safety reasons. NEVER use any Ammunition unless it is specifically designed for your firearm. WARNING: Ammunition cannot be shipped to Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, Ventura and Yolo counties, CA; Carson, Be

  • Hevi-Shot
    Take advantage of Pattern-Density Technology with Magnum Blend. Put more lethal pellets in your pattern with a combination of No. 5, 6 and 7 Hevi-13 shot, and boost your lethal range by 14 to 17%. Buffered and moly-coated pellets produce a denser pattern than conventional shot. Hevi-13 delivers 20% more knockdown power than lead, substantially longer range and devastating on-target impact. Per 5. Made in USA. Type: Turkey Loads.
    $22.99  from Cabela's
  • Remington
    Remington Premier Magnum Turkeyoads Shotshells are the most powerful turkeyoads you can buy, giving you every possible edge to reach out with penetrating power and dense, concentrated patterns. Magnum-grade Copper-Lokt shot is protected by gas-se
    $16.99  from Bass Pro Shops
  • Federal
    Packed with extra hardead shot, Federal Premium Strut-Shokead Magnum Turkeyoad Shotshells deliver denser patterns, truer and faster flight, and better downrange energy for better performance at impact. Granulated shot buffer in ea
    $15.99  from Bass Pro Shops