Hunters are a unique breed. We are given the right to bear arms, but how many do?  Most hunters do at least every fall!! Are the people that do the cause of crime or do the people that don’t carry have more of an influence on crime?  Are criminals more emboldened because of the low percentage or gun carrying citizens in society?

I know not everyone is comfortable around guns and I don’t think anyone should have to carry however I do feel that if more people that were in the neutral position and the ones that are comfortable actually did carry we would have a safer society.  Think about it how many stories are there where a legal concealed weapon carrier commits a crime?  We have daily stories of people with no regard for the law or human life committing violent crimes but seldom is anyone but law enforcement there to stop it.  Society even seems to look down on those that feel the need to carry.  Our own federal government will not allow us to carry in federal buildings!!

Watch this video, this is why I carry and why I don’t just have a concealed permit but actually try to have my weapon on me as much as possible.  People like this have no thought or care for your or my life, they are after whatever they want and do not care what they have to do to get it.  Warning though, this is graphic, it is a violent crime.

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