In my opinion, the rutting elk aren’t any crazier than some of the people watching them.  I wonder if any people got punctured.

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    Hunter Set & Save Programmable Thermostat: Digital and programmableEasy installation in 30 minutes or lessFurnace filter change indicatorIndiglo backlightSeparate programs for weekdays, Saturday and SundayModel# 44260
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  • Hunter's Specialties
    Hang this scent near your stand and wait for big bulls to arrive. Developed by a wildlife biologist, this Cow Elk urine scent wafer emits a scent that bulls cannot resist. Molecules of scent are forced into the air, and the dispersal lasts up to eight hours. These wafers will not spill, freeze or wash away. There are three wafers each in a reusable container, which lets you revitalize the wafers after use. Type: Lures/Attractants.
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