Bass Pro Shops Browning Fishing Safari Travel Rod - 7' M - Bps Spinning Rods
Bass Pro Shops Browning Fishing Safari Travel Rod - 7′ M - Bps Spinning Rods

As long as anyone can remember, Browning has led the way to great days in the field. From the world&39;s finest hunting firearms and accessories to a superior line of fishing rods and reels, the spirit of innovation brings fresh opportunities for all sportsmen to get out and enjoy the Great Outdoors. Both Browning and Bass Pro Shops are committed to ensuring quality experiences for all outdoorsmen, with well-designed, well-made products that perform under the toughest field conditions. For the sportsman who refuses to go anywhere without a quality fishing rod (or three) in tow, we offer these lightweight 3- and 4-piece travel rods in a full range of actions. No matter where in the world you&39;re headed, this series will cover your needs nicely. All models feature sturdy, responsive 36 million psi graphite matrix blanks, aluminum oxide Concept guides, lightweight graphite reel seats with stainless steel cushioned hoods and premium cork handles. All styles include a protective rod sock and an embroidered PVC hard travel tube.

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    The handsome and versatile Stalker Rod and Reel Spinning Combo from Browning Fishing features authentic Browning craftsmanship.The Stalker Spinning Reel features a rugged graphite body and rotor to reduce weight, and a sil
    $59.99  from Bass Pro Shops
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    Enjoy precision, friction-free casting and enhance your fishing with advanced gear all around. Our hard-working Bass Pro Shops Bionic Plus/Bionic Blade Micro Guide Combo is designed to make every day on the water go your way! Pairing ou
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    Bass Pro Shops Strata Maxxine Counter Rod and Reel Trolling Combos are ideal when trolling for salmon,ake trout, steelhead, stripers, and walleye. In fact, these perfectly matched combos are especially well suited for use with a dow
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