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We are addicted to Hunting and we want to share our addiction with you!

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We are Addicted to Hunting

Let me introduce our hunting group so you can relate to our stories and understand the relationship that we share. To some hunting is a hobby, but to us hunting is an obsession! Addicted to Hunting was built by a family from Utah that loves to hunt. Our group consists of our Dad, his three sons and our two brother-in-laws (Luckily our sisters were wise and married hunters). We always have a great story to share about our adventures.

We decided to build AddictedToHunting.com to share our obsession with the world and allow other hunters a platform to share their experiences as well. Feel free to comment on our stories with your experiences. If you would like a bigger platform, than just a simple comment, to share your story you can email us at stories@addictedtohunting.com and we will add it to the website. Together we can help others become Addicted to Hunting as well! winter-bow-hunt_opt

I am Travis and I am the technology nerd that built and maintains this website (Pictured on the left). My older brother, Jason, and I are the main contributors to AddictedtoHunting.com. Here is a picture of Jason and I freezing our butts off during an early September snow storm during a Utah Elk hunt. We love to hunt, but mainly we just have a lot of fun!

We hope you enjoy our stories and can see how much we love hunting. We are truly Addicted to Hunting and we want to share this obsession with you!

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The Joys of Archery Hunting

This past Friday marked the end of the General Season Archery Deer hunt for Utah residents. It was a great archery hunt with a couple of near misses and many great memories. Luckily, I am in the Dedicated Hunter program so I still have the muzzleloader and the rifle... read more

Wolverine Work boot.

So I was recently sent some Wolverine work boots to try out. Pictures below: This really is a nice looking boot. Its all leather design makes for a sturdy but a little heavy boot. It is water resistant and I tested that out and it worked really well up to about 3/4... read more

Archery Sights

So what sights do you use on your bow? For years now I have been shooting Shur-loc and have loved them. This year I am trying out the Shur-Loc with the retina lock.   This is a pretty sweet sight. That being said it is also a very complicated sight. Some of the... read more

Spring is here

Officially the start of Spring is here. In some parts of the US I know winter has been long and hard and they are still covered in snow. Here in Utah winter was mild which is good when it comes to winter kill but not so good when it comes to fall and drought. That... read more

The Bow Keeper

So earlier this year I was selected to test out a device called the Bow Keeper. I was pretty excited as it was just before the bow hunt. Well it never arrived so I was able to get them to send me another one and got it at the end of the Bow season. I was able to take... read more

The Hilton is still producing

A few years back several of us drew out a Limited Entry tag here in Utah called the Nebo Unit. It was a crazy 3 weeks of hunting resulting in my shooting a real nice bull that we searched all night and the next day for and could never find. You can read that story by... read more

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